What is my punk self

Emission sur la musique Punk rock mais pas que ...

A retrouver sr nos ondes le 3eme Mercredi de chaque mois à 13h et en rediffusion le samedi à 20h et le dimanche à 22h.

What is my punk self - La rentrée

émission du 21/09/2022 nombre de lectures : 35 lectures

999 "I am alive"

Wine lips "Eyes"

Actors "It goes away"

Bishops green "Empty streets"

Crisis man "Police injustice"

Three Hearses "American dreaming in the apocalypse"

Birds in row "Water wings"

Spoke orchestra "Si un punk c'est ca"

Single mothers "Brick wall"

Stuck "City of police"

Marbled Eye "Leisure"

The Smiths "This charming man" (hardcore cover)

Soft kill " Press play"

The Zipheads "Agent Z"

Show me the body "Loose talk"

Cuir "Flood de loose"

Jivebomb "Primitive desires"

Thrice "The earth will shake"

Working men's club "Fear fear"

Gallows "Last june"

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